“Those who wander in uncharted places are bound to either be swallowed, or return not as they once were,” Mira recited ominously in her head. After hours and hours of only hearing the crunching of leaves and twigs under her feet, her mind was starting to turn desperate. Text books could only warn you so much about such forests, she realized, glancing to both sides of her, once again seeing the mirrored image of trees and gloom and uneven ground. Mira couldn’t tell if she was going in a circle, or unconsciously heading towards an actual location. If specific locations existed here. It was hard to believe that there was anything even remotely human to be found so many miles away from civilization. Mira’s legs ached from walking, and her arms throbbed from swaying by her sides for so long. She cursed herself for choosing to come into this woods in the first place. “Maps,” she mumbled. “Maps are always the way to go. Everyone wants to sneer at them, call them safe, but you prove yourself an idiot the minute you set off without one.” Still enraged and mumbling, Mira almost missed the flash of masonry in the distance that signalled the idea that maybe spots of life did exist in such wilds.”