“The thrashing lasted a notably long time. Far longer than any nautical beastie they had hauled up before. Then again, never before had they snagged anything that had a touch of human in it. As they stared at it, or her, for none were blind, the gnarled faces were impassive, as gnarled faces have taught themselves to be. When the creature finally wore herself out, they slowly lowered her to the deck, slick with all the ocean she had shook off herself. Her neck and shoulders hit first, her tail, resembling both a fish body and a fine pair of shapely legs, stayed up in the air. The storm wailed on to all sides of them, but it now held no interest. Whatever ungodly horror they has just let touch down on their vessel was now their only concern. The only attractive part of her was the middle, the lower half being far too animalistic, and the top half the stuff of nightmares. Rows of garish, bloodied, triangular teeth stuck out vulgarly from her double wide mouth, the hinge nearly kissing her tiny, deformed ears. The seamen couldn’t contain the shudder that rippled through their shoulders at the sight of these teeth. Tidbits of flesh and algae clung to the corners and gums, made more unwholesome by the realness. The undeniable truth. Even if their eyes were tampered with, and their muscles strained by hauling up a ploy, their noses couldn’t lie to them. This scaley hussy had a stench on her that made both their throats clog and their groins strain. Their discomfort increasing for a multitude of reasons, the crews blinked at the captain, waiting for orders, and for the first time, none too patiently.” – Emily Kinney