At the tail end of March 2014, I had the honor, the privilege, and the joy of conducting my very first book signing at my local library in my home town of Limerick, Maine. A book signing is always a tremendous milestone for any author. It is the accumulation and culmination of everything they have been striving for over how many years. (Unless you’re one of those spoiled with too much luck first time authors who have breezed through the system from the moment they had a story idea. We hate you. That’s what envy does.)
But for the typical first time author, there are usually a number of years, be it many or few, endured before the fruits of their passion and labor are manifested. It took me seven to eight years (depending on how you do the math) of sweat, tears, sleepless nights, reclusive behavior, lots of money, friendship, various computers, refusal of other career options, prayer, more tears, lost friendships, loss of youth, wondering what I’m doing with my life, and burning desire to get to where I am now. To achieve the dream of people standing in line, clutching my book, waiting for me, the writer, creator, to sign it.
That night finally came. That big moment in a long line of big moments that would validate me being a stubborn idealist who isn’t interested in what reality has to say in the matter. Yes, there will be more afterwards, but only one first. I am proud of myself, which I haven’t too many opportunities to say. I’m not really allowed Moments, but this definitely was one.
Below are pictures from the event. I’m so excited that I wanted to share them. And I sincerely hope that next time I’ll be seeing you there. 😀

Firstly, my book, The Island of Lote, looking just too pretty. It’s crazy to see more than just one copy. It gives me belly shivers.

This is the table-cloth I made for the book signing. I wanted it to look like waves crashing onto sand, since the story takes place on a tropical island.

This is the pen I hot glued together to sign the books with. It’s slightly hard to see, but there’s a lot of lovely, gleaming blue in the feathers.


Tiny palm tree!!!! So cute! It sat next to me on the table while I signed the books.

Entrance to the room my library let me use for the signing. They have been so good to me. I volunteered there for eleven years, from nine to twenty-one, every Tuesday.

This poster of me on the book throne met all visitors.

My books, set up on a table near the far wall.


I was also selling posters along side them.

That’s the table I sat at. Notice the huge TV?

They let me hook it up to my computer to show my book trailers. It was absolutely insane, seeing them up on a screen that big.


Outside, by the street.

I was so nervous people wouldn’t come, but slowly they began to show up.

The event began with me welcoming everyone, introducing myself and the book, a brief shout out to one of my best friends, and then a reading from chapter four.


We then moved on to the signing. It was incredible to meet people who were about to read, and some who had already read, my book. I just wanted to hug everyone and carry on in-depth discussion about literature. However, time and strict personal space laws didn’t allow for that much.

A great pic of me signing a book.

My mom and I. ❤

A reporter was there, thanks to the saintly soul of my librarian, Cindy. She interviewed me, which was an amazing surprise, and covered the whole book signing in an article in the paper. Which was monstrously cool, because that was also a first for me. In the newspaper!


Thanks for letting me share with you. I’m in the process of trying to set up more. Wish me luck and come out and see me when you do! I would love to make your acquaintance. You can find The Island of Lote on Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes and Noble .com. Also at my website,
See you soon!
– Emily